Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to run?
No, you can walk, jog, skip…just finish so you can get your LED glowing race medal!

Can I push my child in a stroller?
Yes, we just ask that you start in the back of the crowd, but you do not have to stay there!

Can I walk my dog during the race?
Sure, but please no aggressive breeds and they must be kept on a leash.

What is the difference between the 5K & 1 mile?
Some of our races offer a 1 mile distance. The 5K is timed and the 1 mile is not. Every runner will receive a LED glowing race medal upon race completion and the same cool race shirt and glow gear.

Should I buy my own glow gear?
The more the merrier! We love to see you glow and welcome as much glow gear as possible. Each runner will receive 21 pieces of glow gear with registration. We also have additional glow packs for sale on race day and during online registration.

Should I register my child to run?
Yes, if you want them to receive a race shirt, glow gear, and LED glowing race medal. They will also be entered to win a prize in their age category. If they don’t want all that cool stuff, they are welcome to participate with you without registering.

Will I finish last?
Probably not. Statistically, your odds of being last are the same as being first. Our races typically have 400-600 participants.

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